Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Special Gift From Allah

Mama & Rayyan

Rayyan during his cukur jambul & aqiqah 's ceremony

Rayyan's 2months old !

Superb New Life with Q.R.A

Q.R.A ?? This is my lil baby's name.. Qhalish Rayyan Adam...Finally this is the best name we chose for him. He was born on 8 sept at KPJ Shah Alam.  Alhamdulillah Syukur Ya Allah for the great and superb life ! Sangat happy dengan kehadiran nye dalam kehidupan kami sekarang.... now he is 3months ++.. but really active lil boy.... Here, Mama wanna say 'Rayyan, Mama & Abi love U damn much' .. hoping that you will be ' Anak Soleh my dear Rayyan. Ameen..... ' 

Introducing more about my baby Rayyan later in next post .................... love !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

+ Superb Moment +

Alhamdulillah...its almost 5months !! Tak sabarnya nak jumpa my baby dalam masa 4bulan lagi.. hope everything will be fine and dipermudahkan. Today I feel like i wanna to make mini photoshoot but nampak gaya nye macam busy je this week, mayb we will change and plan to d next suitable date insyaAllah. 

At this time, we both quite busy planning for our future and also becoming baby.. guess what.. we decided to make it surprise bout the our baby's gender... BUT now we start to buy all d necessary stuff n clothes.. mostly unisex!!And no more my clothes..huhu.. all baby and only for my baby.. hehe.. 

I dont know how to describe my feeling rite now bout i just wanna say that IT'S SUPERB MOMENT when we ll be a mother soon. Ya Allah, permudahkan lah semua nya. Amin Amin.....




Wiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee..... I am a MOM now... Sorry for the late post ya? But now I can continue upload my picture and share more story about my new life. I am very2 grateful with all I have now. Alhamdulillah. For now, Im continuing upload my maternity pictures from 6months til 9months... Hope this I can keep til the end.. And I wanna show all these to Rayyan when he can understand...insyaAllah.

6 months


8 months

9 months

Monday, April 11, 2011

+ We Are Nothing +

What can I say, people can change either from good to bad or vice versa. Whether we like it or not, it happens as we continue to grow and learn more. And now I learn new thing about 'independent'.. This word can also change everything...... to be good thing or bad..!

Is it good to change ourself and everything just to show that ' SAYA NAK BERDIKARI ' and leave all...EVERYTHING.. include parents, family, works and others. And can we achieve 'keberkatan' in our life if we hurting our parents?? we should think about this... seriously... To me, there is no way to us to get the successful in our life when we are not get the blessing from parents.. please think deeply about this.

Nothing To Say... the best phase to people who are not think more about BERDIKARI terms. Although we are great or superb people if we are not getting any blessing from our parents.. We are nothing !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

+ It's Coming +

Alhamdulillah, 2011 comes with more happiness for both 0f us. I am s0 happy when this moments come... especially when I got the confirmation about my pregnancy !!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I will be a mother this year. Amin.... Amin. It's quite surprising me actually.... But I am so happy with this and TQ Allah because give us this biggest opportunity to us. 

I have no ideas to express my feeling actually.. I am extremely happy and glad to know about this. But now its too early to decide, manage and arrange everything but I'm pretty excited to buy all stuffs needed. Same with my husband actually. Before this, we had decided to have a baby after we both graduated, Alhamdulillah all those happens in the right track until now.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

+ I'm officially Graduated +

My Hubby + Me

 Love him damn much

My beloved Family
Im Graduated

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur Ya Allah.. Finally I am officially graduated in BEng Civil Engineering Course at Nottingham University, UK. TQ to my beloved family and husband for coming.... !! I really really appreciate that. Now I always pray to get another opportunity to continue my MSc (which actually i got d offer from notts uni but i had withdraw it becz of money matters) same with my husband (which he already at different uni now) but.. I had applied for that.. Ya Allah pls give me another chance.. I will try my best again.

I hope that 2011 will give US more happiness ! AMIN

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ New Me ~

Alhamdulillah, I am glad that I still have opportunities to share a lil bit about my life. Now im officially turn 23 years old and im looking older than my age..AM I??? so how? wat should i do? and from day to day im exactly look like 'a mother for 3 kids'.. woooooooooooooooooo..... its sound bad and horror!! and I am getting fatter and fatter plus with BAMBAM (which is equal to TEMBAM).. huh!!!

Because of that, I had change my STYLE .. but actually I just pretend that was a good new style of me and I hope many people will love it. ( cewah cewah cewah.. perasan !!) And at this time, many people gave me very very good commented and I really appreciate that. TQ all.. I LOVE U ALL and the main point is

I really love ' NEW ME' !!

Monday, October 25, 2010

~ New Chapter In My Great Life ~

New Chapter.. New Story.. New Envir0nment and New Life absolutely..!! H0me Sweet H0me.. Now, we are currently back at Nottingham... AGAIN.. OMG.. I feel like a year i am not updating my blog... But i need to admit that i am very busy while in Malaysia... 

But now i am quite free to write and story again about my life cycle !! Now im glad and happy (Alhamdulillah) because i had finished my degree and i just decided to graduate this coming December... but at the same time, I aso feel sad because my hubby cannot graduate along with me because he had started his others degree at Coventry University.. He decided to take another degree there and I am sure he can do it.. ( Just ignore 'them' who always talk bad about you .. they will said dat " Alaaa dia tak habis kan pon degree dia, tp dia kene buang ...TO ME, they are WRONG and Tak pe sayang, Allah tahu keadaan sebenar dan sayang dah berjaya pon cume tak payah la nak grad bnyk tempat..kan kan? )... and the most important thing is ... 'Dear wait for me there.. I will following you later for continuing my MSc !! Aminnnn'

Now I am quite FREE after finished my degree..!! Alhamdulillah.. I will be award in BEng Hons.!! I cant wait for this moment ... Now we are really happy together.. and busy planning the next interesting travel ...

Friday, July 30, 2010

+ Great Vacati0ns +

Netherland, Belgium, Germany and Cornwall..... SubhanAllah ~ 

All people dream great n nice vacations.. to me after scotland vacation last time, this is another greatesttt vacations i ever had in my life.. Tq hubby for everything... For this mini-euro trip, we went for few days but i think its quite enough to me based on our budget and time.. I dont wanna talk more about this vacation because its to many excited story to describe but im happy with all this... TQ also to Salim, Aizat and Dr Elly becoz make this trip more meaningful and tempting... we ll miss u all ~

Friday, June 18, 2010

~ I luv Summer H0liday ~

Oh My Gucci............. I got my results and im glad with it... Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.. and TQ to all who always be with me and vice versa... All 0f the influences (either g00d or bad) help me a l0t t0 achieve this.. Now im 0fficially finished my Degree (BEng) in Civil Eng Uni of Nottingham, UK... Im n0t pr0ud with the title but im pr0ud with my capability and spirit. I kn0w a lot 0f people will talk ab0ut me n0w, but I d0nt care.. I kn0w wat I can be and wat I want... Im Happy with my life n0w and same g0es t0 you my hubby... I h0pe we can finish 0ur master if I got en0ugh m0ney, if n0t.... I will c0mpany my hubby t0 further his study at UK as well becz he g0t better 0pp0rtunity and must be grab it...!! I think at this time mayb i need to think ab0ut family... 0ppppppppppssss.... h0pe s0 ... amin.

This summer h0liday we plan t0 travel t0 Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany... But we just plan (with high h0pe ) and we had booked 0ur tickets.... I cant wait f0r all 0f this... H0pefully everythg will g0ing well.. 0hh yaaa... bef0re I missed s0mething... we also travelled few places in England last week (0xf0rd, Isle 0f Wight & S0uthampt0n) and had a great time there...!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

~ Rutland Water Cruise ~

OMG.. i am really 'extremely x-cited' about this... In my mind, just thinking about travelling program ... yes a great travelling plan... hehehehehe.. BUT before we go for travel (maybe amsterdam, spain or others places >> not decide yet), my love already plan for THIS !! We went to Rutland Water Cruise. NICE & ROMANTIC PLACE... 

TQ TQ TQ MY LOVE for this great plan. I never plan for this, I am really greatful to be me and with my new life which better than before from time to time. Amin..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ Beautiful friendship without envy and hypocritical 2 ~

Good t0 say dat my life n0w surr0unded by true friends.... I really d0nt kn0w how t0 say and describe them.. but at this moment I realized which one I can called as friend and n0t... its remind me ab0ut my 'old friend' which I think we are n0 longer can be define as a friend............ n0t my fault, n0t her, n0t him and n0t our fault... its ab0ut ENVY & HYPOCRITICAL !!!! Maybe this is the best time dat I need t0 express wat I felt f0r alm0st few years about them and about friendssss..........

To me, there s no true friend if we r n0t ready to be h0nest in friendship...... And now.. after I lived in new environment and people.. I f0und my TRUE friends N0T BFF !! Noted that plssss...

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